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Tree and Shrub CareOur Tree & Shrub program is designed to keep your ornamentals in optimum health to defend against attacks of insects and disease. We also give our customers expert advice on plant care: watering, mulching, and pruning. Put your landscape investment in the capable hands of The Grass is Greener.

Our Process

Application 1 is the important first step in plant health for the entire growing season – root zone fertilization. This fertilization treatment is applied to the feeder roots of the plants within the drip line of the trees or shrub.

Application 2 is designed to control insects as they emerge from overwintering, or hatching, as adults.

Application 3 controls insects and diseases during their most active period. Usually problematic at this time are Japanese Beetles, bagworms, mites, powdery mildew, and sooty mold.

Application 4 is the midsummer treatment which extends the control of insects and diseases.

Application 5 amends the soil of the beds to ensure that your plants are in their proper environment for health and vigor. This treatment may include lime, sulfur, iron, and micronutrients.

Application 6 is dormant or horticultural oil treatment, which is a biological control measure. It coats the surface of the plant, cutting off oxygen to the overwintering pest.

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For more information on the precise tree and shrub care services that we can provide to your landscape, we invite you to contact us via our web form or by calling (423) 704-2362.

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