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cool_season_lawnThe Grass is Greener is committed to providing you with the highest quality lawn possible. In order to achieve these results we work together with you the homeowner, as a team. We consult with you on the best cultural practices of mowing and irrigation, and how to best cooperate with Mother Nature. Our step-by-step process is designed to be adjusted for your lawn’s specific needs.

In order to guarantee the best results, it is necessary to apply each of these applications in a timely fashion. If you notice a change in the condition of your lawn between applications, please give us a call at (423) 704-2362.

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Our Process

Step 1: Early Spring Lawn Treatment. This application is designed to prevent crabgrass and other annual weeds before they germinate. It will also control existing weeds and provide a quick spring green-up.

Step 2: Spring Lawn Treatment. This application extends crabgrass control through the remainder of the season. It controls newly emerged summer annual weeds, thickens turf and maintains color.

Step 3: Late Spring Lawn Treatment. This application is designed to further extend crabgrass control; we apply organic fertilizer and treat newly emerged summer weeds.

Step 4: Early Summer Lawn Treatment. This early summer application is designed to control broadleaf weeds that emerge in warm weather and contains soil conditioners that prepare your lawn for fall seeding.

Step 5: Late Summer Lawn Application. This is the last weed control treatment before seeding. It is important to eliminate as many weeds as possible in order to reduce competition with the new grass. We also apply specifically formulated fertilizer designed to feed your lawn during the heat without burning the turf.

Step 6: Fall Lawn Application. Fall is when lawns in this area need feeding most. Large amounts of nutrients are needed to recover from the stress of summer and to begin storage for the winter months. This special formula is designed to quicken germination, promote new shoot growth and develop thick, healthy lawns.

Step 7: Late Fall Lawn Application. This winterizer application is designed specifically for the root system. Although you may not see much top growth during this time, this application is crucial for proper root growth and development. A deep root system is important during times of drought next summer.


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