Spring Season Lawn Cleanup

warmWarm season lawns require very specialized care, especially in Chattanooga, TN. Many lawn care companies treat these lawns the same as other types of grass. The results are less than stunning. It’s like wearing one-size-fits-all clothing; it fits no one perfectly. We approach all of our lawns individually; this is especially true for warm season lawns.

We start with weed and crabgrass preventers. Most of our cool season clients receive two crabgrass and weed preventers, but our warm season program consists of four. During the dormant months we apply fertilizers designed to feed only the root system. During the growing season we apply the proper fertilizer to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. We also treat weeds after they have emerged all year long, including difficult-to-control grassy weeds.

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Our Process:

Step 1: Early Season Lawn Treatment. With your first application of the year, we are able to treat both grassy and broadleaf weeds while the turf is dormant. We also apply your first crabgrass preventer and a fertilizer designed to encourage root growth.

Step 2: Spring Lawn Treatment. On your second treatment, we are feeding your lawn with a fertilizer to help it “wake up” as it comes out of dormancy. We will extend your crabgrass control and treat existing weeds.

Step 3: Late Spring Lawn Treatment. Your lawn is now actively green and growing. We apply an appropriate fertilizer to help your lawn thicken and deepen in color. We treat both broadleaf and grassy weeds as they emerge during warmer temperatures.

Step 4: Early Summer Lawn Treatment. This treatment is designed to keep your lawn looking its best during the growing season. We apply a fertilizer designed to feed your warm season lawn during summer, without turf burn. We continue to eliminate stubborn summer weeds.

Step 5: Late Summer Lawn Treatment. In this late summer application, we are treating broadleaf and grassy weeds as well as feeding the turf in order to maintain its color and vigor.

Step 6: Fall Lawn Treatment. This application is designed to prevent cool season annual weeds before they germinate. A maintenance application of fertilizer is used to maintain color at the end of the growing season.

Step 7: Late Fall Lawn Treatment. This application is designed to reinforce the earlier weed preventer and includes a special fertilizer for the root system of your warm season lawn.

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