Our Environmental Policy

Our mission means being good stewards of all that God has entrusted to us. This guides our decisions on what to do, how we conduct our business and how we treat our employees and customers.

Reducing Fuel Consumption

We route stops to customer properties as efficiently as possible and when appropriate use phone and e-mail instead of trips to a property. We keep our vehicles and equipment in good working order so that they run at optimum fuel efficiency.


We encourage the practice of recycling grass clippings when we mow and recommend it to our customers who do their own mowing. Recycling clippings reduces landfill waste and it’s good for your lawn. The same is true for leaves; instead of waiting until all the leaves have fallen for the season, we mulch the leaves periodically as they fall. Using this method, leaves stay on the property and the nutrients are utilized in your lawn as they decompose, eliminating the need to transport off-site. Whenever possible we reuse empty mulch, fertilizer and seed bags, reducing the need to purchase garbage bags for disposal. We continue to look for new ways to recycle. If you have other ideas, please let us know!

Our Lawn Care Program

We take great pride in our lawn care program. Not only has it been confirmed by many state universities that promoting healthy turf is an environmental benefit, but our lawn care program is also on the leading edge of the most progressive lawn care companies nationally. Two principles are the foundation of our lawn care program.

First, we use pesticides only when necessary and only where needed. Over 80 percent of the lawns in our area are tall fescue. We also often combine over-seeding with aeration. Aeration prepares the seed bed for seeding, but also provides other benefits to existing turf as well; it relieves soil compaction, allowing the root system to receive more oxygen. This process is 100 percent organic, and a thick, healthy lawn provided by annual over-seeding is the best weed control available. Weeds cannot be as prolific when they have a strong healthy turf to compete with for soil and water.

We promote proper cultural practices (mowing and watering) which can prevent insects, disease and weed problems. Only when we have exhausted all other options do we utilize herbicides. When dealing with weeds, for example, we treat only the weeds present in the lawn on a spot or zone basis – only as needed to target specific weeds. In the fall, we establish a thick, full lawn to limit weeds in the spring and we then control existing weeds in the spring and summer. We are also careful in our use of fertilizers. We use only organic fertilizers and conditioners in our summer treatments. When growing has slowed, we maintain the health and vigor of the plant naturally. We limit our treatments to 6 per year, or every 6 to 8 weeks. We notify you when you may need to keep children or pets off the grass (usually for less than one hour after application).

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