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Why You Need A Weed Control Company In Chattanooga

Do you need information about weed control companies in Chattanooga? Do you wonder about the best place to find details about proper mowing and watering practices in the area? We have information and solutions for your questions at The Grass is Greener Lawn Service. Many homeowners know they need to mow and water their lawn as part of their total lawn care, but there are specific guidelines for caring for your lawn that you may not be aware of. The Grass is Greener Lawn Service in Chattanooga, TN helps you care for your lawn by providing fertilization, weed control, aeration, and ornamental tree and shrub care, as well as disease and pest control for your turf.

We work together with you, the homeowner, guiding you on the best cultural practices for maintaining your lawn during the growing season.

  • Water as infrequently as possible. Too much water can cause disease problems. It’s better to water your lawn 3 times per week for a longer duration than to water every day with a smaller amount. This approach encourages a deep root system for the grass plant.
  • In general, your lawn needs approximately 1” – 1.5” of water per week. This will keep it healthy and actively growing. You can measure this by placing a cat food or tuna fish can out by the sprinkler, or when you water, if you water with a hose.
  • Water your lawn as early in the morning as possible. If you have an irrigation system, start as early as 5:00 A.M.; make sure that system has run through all the zones and is off by 10:00 A.M.
  • If you have an irrigation system, make sure it is working properly. Have it winterized in November, then turned back on in April. When opening the system for the season, make sure all the heads are working properly, and that all areas of the lawn are covered adequately. If we are seeing lots of rainfall, you may need to re-program your system to water less often.
  • Don’t water a lawn for the first few hot days of the season. When lawns go into mild drought stress they increase rooting. Instead, look for foot-printing (foot prints remaining on the lawn after walking across it).
  • Remember that these are general rules. Other watering guidelines apply after seeding and aeration, or after sod installation.
  • Mow often; mow only 1/3 of the grass blade per cut. This will be more often during the spring. Never allow the grass to clump on the lawn and remain there. The key is mow often enough so the grass doesn’t build up and sit on top of the lawn. If the grass does build up on top lightly rake off the clumps.
  • Mow at the correct height. Tall Fescue 3”-4”. Mow Tall Fescue higher during hot dry periods and less frequently. Bermudagrass 1”-2”. Mowing Bermuda lower allows the lawn to spread vertically. It creates a thicker lawn and helps it spread, and fill in thin areas. Zoysia grass 1”-2.5”. Many people keep their Zoysia grass high, but it is preferable to keep it lower. Better results from aeration will be seen and thatch will be more easily maintained.
  • Change the direction of mowing each time. Many professional athletic fields are known for mowing elaborate designs on their surfaces. Certainly, this is aesthetically pleasing to the eye but is also functional to change the direction of mowing.
  • Do not use a grass catcher. Allow the grass clippings to return to the soil where they will breakdown and feed the turf and build the top soil.
  • During the fall, keep leaves off the grass. Generally, it is best to mulch the leaves every 7-14 days depending on the amount falling. Wet leaves left on the grass for long periods of time can ruin the appearance of a lawn.
  • Do not scalp a lawn. Scalping a lawn will do two things: stress the turf, and allow sunlight to reach the soil, which allows crabgrass and weeds to germinate. Think of someone mowing a field for hay. Once the hay is cut and removed, the remaining plants also turn brown because the plants take a while to recover from the stress.
  • Keep mowing blades sharp! A sharp blade makes the lawn look better and it does less damage to the grass plant. Ragged tops of the grass blades make for entry points for disease. If you are only mowing one residential, lawn sharpen the blade at least once per year.
  • Remember, the best weed control is a thick healthy stand of grass!

If you are looking for information about lawn care services in Chattanooga, TN, take a look at this page,, or call 423-704-2362 today to get started with our regularly scheduled services to help your lawn look better all year long!

Beautify Your Property With Our Lawn Fertilization Service In Chattanooga

Keeping your grass healthy isn’t always easy to do. Lawn care involves more than simply mowing, edging and watering your turf. Grass needs the right range of nutrients for supporting its growth and all-around well-being. Without these efforts, even the most diligent efforts to maintain a gorgeous outdoor area will fall short. Are you currently looking for a lawn fertilization service in Chattanooga? If you are, The Grass Is Greener Lawn Service can definitely help.

As a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business, we are one of the most trusted providers of lawn services and solutions in the greater Chattanooga area. Let us help you maintain and improve your lawn and ornamental trees and shrubs. Our goal is to make it easy for you to maintain optimum levels of overall curbside appeal for your home or business property.

This is why we are currently the preferred weed control company in Chattanooga. We have been helping customers eliminate weeds and have healthier lawns for over 15 years. We have the solutions for your lawn care needs.

We are also adept at identifying and eliminating a number of pests that can wreak havoc on ornamental plants and trees. Our customers count on us to provide the care needed to keep their grass and other outdoor elements in top shape and protected from various insect and weed species.

Let the experts at The Grass is Greener Lawn Service help you keep your lawn looking its best. Our employees use proven techniques for a better lawn and landscape. We are additionally committed to using environmentally-friendly services and techniques to minimize the impact on our local eco-system.

Call 423-704-2362 today to get started and grow greener grass all year long! Whether you need our lawn care program for Tall Fescue, Zoysia, or Bermuda lawns, core aeration services, fall aeration and seeding, or care for your ornamentals, we are more than capable of providing the results you seek. Find out more about the services we offer and let us help you get a lawn maintenance plan in place that is absolutely perfect for both your budget and your needs.

How Are We Different From Some Lawn Care Companies?

The Grass is Greener Lawn Service utilizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in caring for your lawn and ornamental trees and shrubs. IPM is a method of combining proper cultural and environmental practices to create and maintain healthy plants and turf. We use pesticides only when necessary, using the smallest possible amount to effectively treat the pest. We make two trips across your lawn when treating. First, we apply a dry product of fertilizer, soil conditioner, and crabgrass preventer, followed by a liquid weed control, treating only the weeds that are present in the lawn. Why cover 100% of the lawn if you have weeds in only 25% or 50% of the lawn? There are many advantages to this two-step process. A dry application can be a controlled-release product, allowing the product to feed the lawn slowly over a period of weeks or months. With a liquid product, the fertilizer is quickly used up by the lawn and has no lasting effect. This is a more time-consuming process, but we know our environment is worth the extra effort. Are you looking for a different lawn care service in Chattanooga?

“Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices. IPM programs use current, comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment. This information, in combination with available pest control methods, is used to manage pest damage by the most economical means, and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.” Source: Integrated Pest Management Principles;

What IPM means to us is using the environmentally safe products possible, taking every precaution to handle products according to established standards, treating only when a pest is present, and treating only the pest.

The Grass is Greener Lawn Service is a locally-owned family business. Our customers are our neighbors, fellow community members, and community partners. We like what we do and are proud of the work we do. We also invest in our community through various service projects. Our environmental stewardship efforts include our solar power project (we are a TVA Green Power Provider), recycling, and utilization of rain barrels to capture rainwater in order to minimize our water consumption.

Call 423-704-2362 today to enjoy a more beautiful lawn! Find out why we are a top-rated lawn care company in Chattanooga. Let us show you just how we’re capable of beautifying your home exterior with a range of safe, gentle and proven, eco-friendly treatments and solutions.

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